The Zone


I managed two Fantasy Basketball leagues and played in a total of four for the last season. We can get a bit serious with stat tracking and gaging potential and performances throughout the NBA regular schedule. This past season, Steph Curry was dominating the highlight reels and burning up the court with his crazy handle and hot shooting touch. I hadn’t witnessed a player feeling it this much since Kobe went for 551 points in 13 games back in 2003. It definitely seemed like Chef Curry was in the Zone for the full 82 games.

IMG_2059A few weeks ago, I witnessed another man in the Zone, my dude would send me screen shots of eBay auctions that had just ended and a bid PAID would be stamped in red on the item. I would then pan down a bit and see the sold price. The only response I could provide would be the word “Damn.” coated in a tone of admiration, laced with a tinge of jealousy. Every shoe he would show me was a pair that has been occupying a slot on my want list for some time. So not only has he been knocking them off of his list one by one, but he was doing it with the facility and expertise reminiscent of a Jordan hit-the-3-and-shrug moment. My man has been in the Zone for the last couple of weeks and he’s been vigilant about riding the wave and letting the good vibes wash over his right-click on the add-to-cart button.

When’s the last time you felt in the Zone? Share your hot hand stories with us and see how they stack up against this performance!


One thought on “The Zone

  1. I remember back in 2005-2006 I was in the zone on scooping Jordan XV off ebay. I think i pulled a total of 4 pairs of low XV and 5-6 pairs of high XV off eBay in sizes 11 and 13 (for me and a friend) for an average of about $35 shipped a pair. Nothing was in DS condition but they were definitely wearable and both of us wore them all like crazy. I don’t see anything like that happening again.


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