Lex Ave 2

Calgarys Lexington Ave Culture Spot has a new home, rather another home. While the OG Lex Ave shop is still serving soles on 11th Ave they’ve opened the doors to Lex Ave 2 on the east end of YYC’s trendiest strip, located at 225 17th Ave SE as their hashtags explain #notforestlawn, just off north bound Macleod Trail in a converted home steps away from the Victoria Park train station.
Once inside the new 2 story Culture Spot I was hit with a familiar sound, the sounds of Lexington Ave Radio, Lex’s weekly show (hit the link to download) but the visuals brought a new upscale vibe, from the clean white walls to the chandeliers hanging centre stage, windows frosted with Supreme, Bape, and YZY logos I asked Lex what the idea was behind opening the new location “I wanted it clean and elegant and to feel like its the Cactus Club of shoes, really just focus around heat”, whether it’s -33 or +33 there is no shortage of heat inside the Ave, which includes the all female staff coined ‘the lovely ladies of Lex’ ready to help you out with your shopping purchases.

On the right of the front door is the ‘Trophy Room’ consisting of sports jerseys, signed shoes and a clear case with an abundance of older Jays, on the west of the cash register is the Bape wall, you can’t miss it, if the loud patterns on the hoods A Bathing Ape is famous for don’t get your attention, the floor to ceiling purple & pink Bape camo wall will, next to it is a new addition to the stock list; Montreals own Vintage Frames, I had to find out how that account came about “So a guy came into the 11th ave shop and gave me Corey’s number, then I was in Miami and my friend Fingaz seen him across the street, he was like “Yo there’s Vintage Frames”, so I ran over and introduced my self, we started talking and I just asked him”. 

The Supreme section is on the east side of the register and is sure to impress, with hats, clothing and accessories wrapping the rear of the main floor. 

Once upstairs it’s like the gates of heaven open to the all white open-space sneaker room, if you don’t see something you like on the clean lit shelves then you don’t like sneakers; Jordans, Ronnie Fieg, Yeezy, Supreme collabs, it’s basically everything you would want to see at a sneaker convention, but it’s there everyday ready for you to buy.

With a space in upstairs available for pop-up shops Lexington Ave 2 has you covered in every form and fit #facts. 

Huge congrats from the Brag squad to Lex and his team at the Ave on everything they’ve accomplished, check the new space at 225 17th Ave SE but don’t forget the OG boutique at 102-617 11th Ave SW, and when you see me staring in awe at any number of grails say “whaddup” because you know I’ll be in on the regular.

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