My Life is Dope and I Do Dope Sh*t


There were questions.
Ones I asked myself to justify the decision of starting this editorial about our sneaker lives. I wanted to make sure that it was all worth it and that our efforts wouldn’t be wasted.
I took a step back and took a look at the daily happenings of the sneaker lover. There is the short game where we compete every week or so for that score. Odds are mostly against us, but the high experienced with victories far outweighs the crush of oft felt defeats. There is the long game, a facet of the culture that I compare to a sports career. You build your stable and gain skills and attributes in the hopes of putting together a respectable portfolio. Our hunts become a comparable that we pit against the state of what we used to represent and how the rest of the community shows up.
In essence, we are all looking to show something.
I want to lace them up in hopes that this day will be better than the previous.
I want to wear something impressive to reflect my current feeling of invincibility.
I want my shoes to tell you a story, even if I’m not speaking.
And whether it is or isn’t, I hope they Brag to you that my life is dope.

We’re going to keep it moving, get people to connect and write about our experiences in the sneaker community. You can come through, read some, and hopefully start a conversation with us… or Brag to us a little, because it keeps it interesting and we like dope sh*t.

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