Using No Style As Style


It happened one morning when I had to run a quick errand. Time and the pillow imprint on the right side of my face were working against me, so what-to-wear was decided by the reach of my arm and the items’ proximity to the front door. After making sure I had my wallet, keys and phone I stepped out in my Bred 1s, black tech fleece joggers, the t-shirt I wore to bed the previous night, and an army green jacket my bud had found for me for the awesome price of 8$. I buttoned the jacket to its top button, so it looked like I knew what I was doing and BAM… Instant weekender fit.
It got me thinking about how style these days is an extreme fluid concept. There are no set rules to how you should wear or what you can put together.
I had a discussion with friend about how he wanted to change his style up, “dress a bit nicer”. He had concerns about how to pick the right clothes, whether he could pull off a different look and how others might think his style is out of place. I told him to imagine how he’d like to look and go out and find the pieces to build that type of style. Whether you get approval from the masses is of little concern.

Your style and your demeanor have a target audience.

Find a style, find your style, or find no style and make it work. Make it look like it was on purpose.
The ones who don’t understand what you are doing with the cuffed pants were never the ones you were trying to impress. The ones who look at you with uncertainty might be the ones who haven’t understood how to take that first step in evolving their own look. The ones who appreciate, well, they just propagate the love and beauty of being who you want to be.

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