Lexington Ave Culture Spot


After the height of Calgary’s sneaker game, when Good Foot, and short lived Livestock and Rumours all closed their doors for the final time, we are entering a new chapter.

With the sneaker scene growing at a tremendous rate and Group Seven, Champs, Footlocker and The Source being the doors to line up at on Saturday mornings for years, various shops including Less17 and Understudy are popping up around the city in the sneaker/apparel game, and it has many of us hoping it’s the return of better days.

Enter Lexington Ave;
Calgary’s first RifLa/Fight Club-esque Boutique. Scheduled to open this month they will be buying and selling your favourite sneakers, with their shelves stocked with new and used heat, from recent retros to OG’s, Jordan Brand to Adidas, Nike’s top basketball lines and more. They are also carrying men and women’s apparel from various brands.

What separates Lexington from pretty much everyone, everywhere, is the fact they are also offering in-store restorations and cleaning, a way to bring your old go-to soles back to life when getting a new pair isn’t an option.

Located next to Broken City on 11th Ave in the south west on the uptown/downtown border, Lexington Ave Culture Spot is something new. You can tell as soon as you walk in that they’re different, from the brick walls, city streets and cars painted on the walls, to the hip hop and sneaker art done by local artists displayed for sale. Same game, new player.





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