After Life

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Every sneaker enthusiast has had to deal with the countless questions pertaining to why we do what we do. The questions are always the same and we have all been asked countless times.
What’s the point in having so many shoes?
Why do you spend all that time and money on shoes?

Love for sneakers and the culture that comes with them grows with time. In my experience, the more knowledge I gain about the sneaker culture the more I am able to answer these questions.
At first, I was a kid with a love for the game of basketball that just loved having a different pair of kicks for home and away games. With time, I started learning more about the kicks I was wearing. Year after year, I gained more knowledge behind the shoes and the learning only fueled my passion.

The time came when I had to let go of playing basketball, the sport I had been playing since before I could remember. I am not going to lie, I loved being part of a basketball team not only for the love of the game but for the friends, the free gear, the road trips, and everything that came along with it. When basketball went away, so did all of the benefits.
So.. Why am I talking basketball on a sneaker blog? Because when people ask me why I spend so much time on shoes or why I have so many shoes, I tell them that the hours I spend online reading up about shoes or the energy I spend out in the cold waiting in line to pick up shoes is an expression of my passion. A passion that is no different from waking up at 7 am to work on my shooting or ball handling.

As for the benefits, being part of a basketball team is no different from being part of the sneaker culture. I have made friends, searched in outlets, woke up to click a button in hopes to see the words “successfully” and “added to cart”. All these benefits are a rush that us sneaker heads love and others will not understand.

Like any other passion the story on why and how sneakers became a person’s passion can be anything. For me, it replaced basketball, for others it can be the friends and the people that they meet in the culture, for some it can even just be the love of seeing someone else look down at their feet and knowing that they know what’s up. At the end of the day, we all love the hunt, we all love release day, we all love following different blogs, or doing outrageous things just to get the perfect angle for the perfect Instagram shot.

Sure, sneakers can be time consuming and expensive. Sometimes, we spend so much time and money on shoes that people with a different passion may only be able to relate. Everyone has a passion, no one passion is better than another. For us sneaker heads, shoes are our passion and we know why we do it, so don’t mind if we keep on Bragging.

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