Adapt Or Die

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What are we to do now?
It’s quite normal and expected to believe that things were better in the old days. The best term I found to describe the sneaker landscape five years ago is less hostile. There was less competition involved when one sneaker enthusiast decided to go for a new release. Less planning, less hoping, less circumventing, less connecting and less immediacy felt when setting your sights on any one particular shoe. It this any cause for concern?
Yes, but I tend to believe that I need not spend too much time worrying and wallowing, and rather focus some of my energy on tipping the scales in my favor. I realized two very important truths about my place in this sneaker game:

1. I am a regular guy. There is nothing inherently special about me.
2. This game was not designed for me to win.

Statement number A.
I am nobody. There is no real reason for anyone to remember my name, face or shape of my foot. I do not provide any service or have any particular set of skills that anyone else might find useful. I remember this every time I write, post a picture on Instagram, speak to anyone in the industry. I make sure that my interactions are meaningful and show that I’ve put some thought into how I am represented. If I can respect myself, then I have a good first step at possibly earning your consideration. Connecting with people is of higher importance than having people be my connect.

Statement number 2.
A large amount of people want the same thing you want. In most cases, there isn’t enough to go around. All these other people line up against you and you are sorely outnumbered. The odds of winning at this game we all play are not in your favor. So what are we to do?
We can talk about how messed up things have gotten. How there is no more culture and community in the world of sneakers. How things used to be so much better in the old days. Or… You can adapt. You know what is considered wrong these days. You know what makes the game so messed up. Information is key. If you know what is wrong, you can use that information to your advantage and play within the new rules of the game to win. I’ve seen firsthand how one can be suffering through this sneaker game, and with some work, a few smart moves, one can adapt and start winning. Knowing what used to work and what doesn’t work now provides you a clear advantage. Use that, don’t squander it.

If you want to make what matters to you matter, don’t have expectations of others just handing you the keys to the castle. A little bit of work can go a long way when others are just playing. Adapt, work, reap, revel in the high and lows, because the victories get sweeter when you’re ready for the losses.
What are we to do now?

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