The Importance of Air


Air Max is important to all of us. That visible Air. What is it doing at the back half of the shoe? When I see you in your Air Maxes, the colors of the mesh, the lush of the suede, the shine on that leather draws my attention, but it’s the visible air that keeps my attention. It was put on your shoe for me to look through it. They’ve gone as far as adding a different color wedge in the midsole to provide a proper frame for the bubble. Colors have been added to ensure that when your eyes peer through that Air your vision becomes visionary. Rose colored, darkened soles, everyone is blue, all because you can see through that Air.
I don’t necessarily fancy myself as a huge runner or trainer guy. I have several dope pieces that have caught my eye and I went out hunting for them. I took my time, but stayed aware. Time is a tricky factor when it comes to Air Maxes. The more you wear, the better the materials get worked in, the better the shape becomes organic, but that Air… When that fog sets in. Some might think it time to take better care of them at that point, but I rather Max out the Air and run rampant in the streets. Give it a proper celebration of its importance, an Air Max Day. Air. Max. Day.

TheBragAffair crew thought it fitting to get some people together on Air Max Day. Stay tuned for a recounting of the events at our first annual Air Max Day Supper.




unnamed (1)

Nike Air Max 1 Retro OG Red 555766 101-1010x689






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