Sole Exchange 3 #MarchBreakLaceUp

On March 21st in the Grand Victorian Convention Center, Sneakerheads from all over the Greater Toronto Area came together to Buy, Sell, Trade and talk Sneakers at the March Break Lace Up. The March Break Lace Up featured an assortment of vendors. You were able to see everything from crazy customs, collabos, to the ever so popular Red October Yeezy and JustDon 2s. Most of the vendors were selling, but you did have some of them that just wanted to showcase their love and passion for Sneakers.

Though Sole Exchange Canada has thrown previous events in the past, it’s safe to say that this one was probably the most successful. Not only in terms of the number of sneakerheads that showed up, but also the choice of venue. There was more space for vendors, the layout was easier to get around, and most importantly the lighting was amazing. Many sneaker enthusiasts agree that lighting is essential when trying to showcase your sneakers.

Overall, Sole Exchange Canada held a great event which brought together the Sneaker Community. Its not everyday you are able meet new sneakerheads, put faces to Instagram accounts, network, and just talk about sneakers. Though this one is done, there is no doubt that there will be more to come. 2015 has just started and there will be more Sneaker Events throughout Canada, so stay locked to TheBragAffair and @CanadaGotSole for any updates.




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