The Future of Team Jordan

Michael Jordan,

Flying through the air for a one-handed dunk.

The symbol.

Air Jordan.

The most iconic and influential brand in the history of the sneaker industry, Jordan Brand has always had brand representatives throughout the NBA throughout its existence. Whether it was the likes of Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, and Reggie Miller unleashing their respective collections of PEs on the hardwood in the ‘90s or the likes of Mike Bibby, Gary Payton, and Ray Allen in the 2000s, the brand has done a wonderful job providing these athletes with exclusive colourways that are still desired by sneakerheads to this date.
Although the brand has been around since 1984, they have only allowed two athletes in their thirty-one year history to have their own signature line: Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul.
There are talks of a third athlete being added to this exclusive club in the summer of 2015, Russell Westbrook.

Although the signature series of Melo & CP3 have done respectively well, they have not been in the same class as the signature series of Nike Basketball. Nike Basketball donned signature series to athletes such as Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving during the same span that Jordan Brand released three.

Nike Basketball seems to have their next signature athlete in James Harden.
UnderArmour and Adidas Basketball have been quietly collecting great rosters with the signings of Steph Curry for UnderArmour and Adidas winning the Andrew Wiggins bidding wars.

The big question is who will be the next Jordan Brand athlete to receive the elusive signature series?

The possible answers to that can be seen in the NBA today.

Reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard or former Slam Dunk champion Blake Griffin.

My pick? The Claw, Kawhi Leonard for his extensive loyalty to the brand back to this SDSU days and some exclusive PEs from the original Jordan signature series.




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