Spring Cleaning

I haven’t written anything in a while. So long that’ it actually bothered me. I have been busy; went on a random trip to LA (shoutout to BAIT and Melrose Athletic Supply for the hospitality and keeping me comfy), planned a trip to Vegas, had almost too many photography opportunities for a person who isn’t a full-time photographer (much love to everyone giving me the chance to work with you, this is not supposed to sound like complaining), and had my regular day to day life and obligations to uphold as a fiancé and dog owner. This has never stopped my writing before. I couldn’t put my finger on what was holding me back, and then today, it happened. As I sat in excitement at some great upcoming releases, I looked at my sneaker stacks, then I pulled out a pair, then I pulled out another and another… 


To some Spring starts in March, to some Spring Cleaning is cleaning up your yard, your car, getting rid of the junk that you’ve accumulated over Winter when you didn’t want to brave the cold to throw it out. Basically, any other chore that old man winter kept you from taking care of. For people like me, it’s time for Spring Cleaning, but done a little differently.


When I start my Spring Cleaning I’m not thinking brooms, rakes and garbage bags. I’m thinking Jason Markk, premium brushes, and cardboard boxes filled with sneakers.

Spring is almost Summer, so this means when it’s not raining I can break out all my footwear that has been hibernating all winter.

The butter suede, that nubuck, the icey soles, that flyknit, and the limited editions. It doesn’t matter if they are Nike, adidas, JB, NB, Saucony, or Asics. They are the ones water, snow, and salt have you walking like a ballerina in fear of ruining them. The ones you can’t help but watch when you see your reflection as you walk by windows.

For the most part, my favourite kicks have all been behind lock and key since Calgary’s first snow fall back in September. Canada in general has had a rough winter this year, leaving the art we wrap our feet in as nothing but decorative pieces to admire. It’s been a tough 7 months, at times wearing them around the house just to keep my temptations at bay, but now with temperatures reaching +17 every once in a while the time to stunt is too close to ignore.

As I alternate between my soft and hard bristle brushes from sole to tongue, toe box to heel, my mind starts to bubble like the lather I’ve worked up with my brushes, bubbling with images of ‘fits for each wear of each pair. 

Which pants showcase the pair best, which shirt compliments each while popping out on its own, and which hat sets it off to the point I feel I’m the best dressed in any room I step in, that’s my goal every summer, thats the feeling summer brings, and I can’t get there without Spring Cleaning.

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