AJ1 Shattered Backboard Giveaway – Courtside Sneakers

I was randomly searching online one night, nothing specifically, but yet with a seemingly precise goal; finding a new sneaker source that might provide me an edge for upcoming releases. This time around, I stumbled upon a shop in the Maritimes, Courtside Sneakers. Having never heard of this boutique, I perused their store lineup of sneakers and then studied their Instagram, Facebook and other social media broadcasts to get a feel for what type of store I would be adding to my list of sneaker spots to visit.

[note the date of this video, a dope first time introduction of the shop]

As my research progressed, my usual assessment of whether this shop could be an asset to me or not stepped aside for my growing fascination with how personable Courtside Sneakers was with their audience. In a world where profit and competition overshadow the delight of sneaker collecting, Nathan, the founder and owner of Courtside Sneakers, was and is to this day representing a big brother/I’m looking out for you feel.

As time has passed, Courtside has evolved with shop renovations and a grandiose opening of a second location, not to mention a third location to come. Through the years Nathan and his crew remain genuine and true to my first impression of them. Sponsoring tournaments to raise money for noble causes and promoting a “support local” enthusiasm through their sneaker releases, the Martimes are in good hands.

To further their case as a community and Canadian sneaker scene leader, Courtside Sneakers is holding a monster giveaway, and TheBragAffair is lucky enough to come along for the ride.

You will have a chance to win one of the most anticipated, sought after and hard to acquire releases for 2015.
The AJ1 Shattered Backboard Giveaway will allow one lucky Canadian the chance at victory with this iteration of one of the most loved Jordan sneaker silhouettes. Others will stand jealous and wanting as you stand tall with your arm up high, touting the AJ1 Shattered Backboard in your hand, gleaming in all its glory.

Here are the INSTAGRAM contest rules:
Canada Only
MAKE SURE YOU REPOST THE ENTIRE PIC, DO NOT CROP IT. Do not add a filter to it. 1 post per day limit. Draw will end June 26th at 9PM EST.

Courtside Sneakers Instagram
TheBragAffair Instagram

Major thanks to Courtside Sneakers and good luck to all.

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