Air Jordan 10 “OVO” – Product Review


The release of the long-awaited OVO Air Jordan 10’s is right around the corner, and the internets are buzzing with rumours of which stores will be stocking them (we don’t know), how many will release worldwide (we don’t know), and what resell value is going to be like (too much). We at Brag were able to get a retail release pair in our hands a tad early and are going to give you a brutally honest, hypebeastless take on Drizzy Drake’s first Jordan drop.

Now by this point, everyone has seen every nook and cranny of this shoe, it has been plastered on every blog for months. There’s not much we can show you that you haven’t already seen… But we’re going to show you anyways.


The first feature that makes this drop special is the box. The cocaine white box with gold Jumpman and OVO detailing definitely make this pair feel even more special. When you open the box you are presented with OVO and Jordan clad shoe wrap (my personal favourite touch).


The shoe itself features stingray trim around most of the silhouette. “OVO” branding is found on the clear, gold-speckled sole; which stays true to a regular Air Jordan 10, listing the GOAT’s accomplishments down the length of the sole. The insole has a printed OVO owl on the heel portion, which looks like it will chip away after one sweaty day running through the 6ix.IMG_0608

The detailing and quality on this pair are phenomenal. With Jordan Brand’s push for quality in their ‘remastered’ line, its clear that at least some effort was put forth in the way of craftsmanship. The shoes appear to be extremely wearable; and with the reemergence of the all-white sneaker trend in full swing, these will fit right in with everyone’s wardrobe. The shoe will sell out within seconds of its drop on September 12th, and with good reason.

Acquiring these joints is a whole different ballgame, though. The hype surrounding this shoe has been building since Drake gave away pairs at a Raptor game two years ago; and if early rumours are any indication, these will be harder to cop than anything we’ve seen this year so far.


With all that being said, I can give the “OVO” Air Jordan 10 a solid 9 woes out of 10. A special thank-you to @kingkhaly for lending me his pair to flex with check out. OVO season (read: “SZN”) is in full effect; keep it locked on Brag for release updates and launch info as it becomes available.

— LDoggyStyles

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