I Love Ugly x Jansport “Ironsight”

Ever the essential accessory, I was in the market for a new bag. I felt like my Hershel bag had run its course and, like it or not, they seemed to be everywhere and that became sort of a minus for me. My criteria for picking a new bag were simple; I wanted a color that would match with everything and I wanted a stylistically different bag, something away from the typical 2 zipper bag. The bag needed to have some character and the ability to turn a head or two as I walked on by.
The I Love Ugly x Jansport Ironsight caught my attention.
I love the felt material. The fact that it wasn’t a “GR” bag would solve my this-bag-is-everywhere issue and knowing I had grabbed the last one at local boutique Off THe Hook made the purchase that more the sweeter.
Upon inspection, I appreciated all the extra features this bag provides: compartments for my phone, Ipad and laptop, as well as a ninja zipper on the side of the bag for quick access. If you are on the lookout for a new bag, be sure to check out the I Love Ugly x Jansport collection for that singular upgrade in your pack status.



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