Sole Exchange Canada Shows in Montreal


The vibe is live.
My first thought about a sneaker show ran by a group from out of town was I hope they know what they are getting into. Montreal is Love and it is Home, but we are a bunch of snobby a$$holes when it comes to showing up for certain types of events… We’re not even trying to hide the fact, we just likes how it makes us seem more wordly.
When I approach the doors to the show, I can hear the activity surge out of the room and into the lobby where a few pockets of sneakerheads have posted themselves after finalizing deals to inspect their goods. A random few others are making sure their footwear is correct before stepping into the most Ultimate of sneaker shows. The moment you walk in, your eyes are drawn to the stage where Jaffy is commanding the mic while @hello._.cookie holds a dope pair of sneakers in her hands, raised so the people can see.


As I navigate through the crowd, I glance over each table to look at each vendor and I try to find my man, Cid. He bought a table to sell some hidden size 10.5-11 gems. When I see the LeBron 2K14 on his table I can’t help but ask where does he get all those wonderful toys?
After dropping off my bag and jacket, I walk-through. I am surprised at how many vendors are set-up and at how many faces I do not recognize. Compared to the last couple of events, this one is just busier. The Sole Exchange Canada crew had done work and filled the room to bring the people together.


I am able to connect with some new people, some new streetwear brands. I find old Instagram acquantainces and finally put a live person to the virtual personas. I locate Quincy who I met the night before at the NBA game. My dude handles Sneaker Shields through SoleGTA1. If you need some, find him and tell him TheBragAffair sent you. We chat it up a bit, and I pick up a SolePack from his table. I like phonemenal swag like the SolePack because it complements this sneaker thing we do. I spot some vendors I do know, old heads from the MTL like Toddy Flores and Rémi. I stop by Sam Tabak boutique’s display and talk some with Devan. I say my hellos and how’s-it-goings and I realize, I haven’t looked at the shoes on anyone’s tables yet! I was occupied with meeting people and finding out about them and had completely forgot about the shoes… I initiate my second walk-through and focus on the sneakers this time. So much goodness was on display; uncaged adidas Ultra Boost, dope custom work, some Jordan X OVO, Supreme gear and a few Supreme collabos.

Some more people flow into the show as I find the Gravity Apparel guys chatting about needing to have a table at the next show. My Brothers-from-other-Mothers CanadaGotSole made the trip out to MTL to support QC-ON relations. They are Fam. My squad finally shows up and I do another walk-through with them, noticing shoes I hadn’t seen on my previous runs. Picture time, picture time, picture time, and then, we just hang. Good conversation, feeling in our element.
This is a great show and Montreal needs more. Looking forward to the next one, Sole Exchange Canada.

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DSC_0026 DSC_0030 DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0038 DSC_0039 DSC_0042 DSC_0067DSC_0036

photos by Alvin and Clo

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