ShiftWear: The Future of Footwear

In a sneaker game that seems to thrive on sameness and following trends, its become really rare to see anything that jumps out of left field and manages to separate itself from the repetitiveness that we’ve gotten used to. While watching the video that ShiftWear sent to me, I think my mouth was three quarters of the way open the entire time. Back to the Future may have supplied us with the hope for flying cars and Jaws 19; but I’ll gladly accept that technology has gotten us far enough to have shoes with LCD screens built in to them. I mean, that’s some pimp my ride shit right there.

ShiftWear is a brand new company that is just getting its bearings in the sneaker world. They’ve created a shoe that combines a damn clean silhouette with technology that rivals that of a spy movie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.52.59 PM

The shoe is almost fully encapsulated in an LCD screen. You can fully customize what appears on those screens right from your phone – and its instantaneous. Imagine the possibilities, imagine staying completely current and being able to change whats on your shoes while on the go. Drake drops “Back to Back”? The next day you can have “RIP Meek Mill” plastered all over your shoes. Kanye announces he’s going to run for president in five years? How about having “Kanye 2020” on your shoes before Kim K can even figures out what 2015 + 5 is.


In addition to being the most trendy and current of all your hypebeasty friends, these things are a graphic designer’s dream come true. I’ll be out here with stick figures doing jumping jacks, but anyone who has even a smidgen of artistic ability could create literal masterpieces on their feet. And for those who couldn’t draw their way out of a paper bag, there’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell designs that you’ve created. Like damn, the moment someone makes a decent piece of booty artwork I’m rocking the shit out of that ass (pun very intended).

Along with the coolness factor, these joints actually feature a plethora of technological wonders that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. They charge when you take a step, they’re waterproof, they’re washable, and the LCD’s are both flexible and visible in the daylight. Like what even is that? What?! I had trouble embedding a video onto this post and dudes are out here making shoes that charge when you walk (for real though, it took me almost an hour to embed that video; appreciate it… please).


I don’t know which mad scientist created these magical shoes, but one things for sure; we all need a pair, right now. The company has just launched a crowdfunding project to get these things made, and if Kylie Jenner can amass 41 million followers on Instagram then I pray to god this project can make enough money to come to fruition.

To donate to the campaign click the link here.

Also peep their website for more info on preorders and early bird deals!

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