Vans x Off The Hook x Raised By Wolves



You don’t always get to choose where you live. My parents, both from Hong Kong decided a long time ago they would build their life in the Great White North. Born and bred in the suburbs of Montreal, Winter is in my bones for more than a third of the year. Snow, ice, and sludge are the bane of my footwear choices throughout the season. Life as a sneakerhead shouldn’t be so tough.

Then, you hear about the next great collaboration between Canadian standards, proven Vans OTH Project and puissant Raised By Wolves. A pairing of such quality validated my team’s inability to contain their excitement. The first teaser pics drove the point through. Ask my good buddy, Kal, branding is so utterly important if you’re going to showcase the contributions of such important leaders in Canadian streetwear culture. Vans! OTH! RBW! Leather, suede, zippers, design, consideration for the weather wearied wearer, and the product of their partnership turns exclamation points to intersecting X‘s.

We’ve been talking about that water-resistant Scotchguard, sealed zipper placement for about a week now. I have been nodding my head in approval at the idea of that simple red band across the MTE outsole. That sharp red insole laying luxuriously within the leather lining and gusseted tongue (to keep moisture out) is such a punctuation mark.

What good fortune to be in the midst of such a launch. The Vans x OTH x Raised by Wolves pack, featuring the collabo-ed Sk8-Hi LX and Old Skool Zip LX, will be available in-store at Off The Hook and online at Off The Hook’s online shop and Raised By Wolves’ online store on Saturday, February 27 at 11 a.m. EST.

IMG_4922 IMG_4968 IMG_5007 IMG_5004 IMG_4606

IMG_4713 IMG_4677 a-first-look-at-the-raised-by-wolves-x-off-the-hook-x-vans-collaboration-3


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