Brag Shots 5.12.2016

 Brag Shots is a new daily recount of how some instagram shots have come to be. The planning or lack of planning for shots we or you have deemed worthy of a feature for the world to see. Tell us how you envisioned your shot and we’ll share the methods to our madness; a madness best understood and a point of view most appreciated by a fellow sneaker lover.

After going through five pairs of shoes, I finally found the pair that flowed with my outfit. It was about time I unDS these badboys. As I was lacing them up I kept thinking “How am I going to shoot these?” With it being a sunny day, shooting these white Vans wasn’t going to be easy. The sun would reflect so hard that I wouldn’t be able to see any detail on the shoe. At work I kept looking outside hoping a patch of clouds would give me an opportunity to go take some snaps. Unfortunately that chance never came up. Finally after work I found a spot with some shade. I took a couple of shots but none of them really did the shoe justice so I couldn’t settle with one of these. Once the kids were down I had to go back out to get that money shot. I wasn’t sure what I was going to end up with since I never took pictures at night. I have to say that this shot surpassed my expectations. 

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