Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot


One of the biggest hindrances to a sneakerhead’s quest to be the flyest on the streets is climate. In a city that goes from winter like chills in the morning, to summer like blaze in the afternoon, the risk of being caught on the wrong side of a flash rainfall hits all too close to the sole (pun intended). Sacrifice, although quite righteous, rather be a term I set to the side when thinking about my fashion choices whilst dealing with the weather. I confess to spend my waking moments figuring out the footwear choice for the day, and I let the rest of my outfit flow from the bottom up. What was that saying? I make shoe contact before I make eye contact! That’s pretty much my case.

So here we are, 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon, invited to take a look at the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot from the Counter Climate collection. Up the wooden steps to one of Montreal’s most renown celebration halls of the city, then through the huge metal doors. The display off-center of the hall serves as a reminder of the early innovations in the footwear industry. The archive of Converse’s foray into the boot space  makes you realize that Converse has been ahead of the game and been setting the tone since day 1. Converse Head Archivist, Samuel Smallidge dropped some always welcome knowledge about each archive piece. Steel toe boots and cost of rubber back in the day all playing a part in the decisions for design and business.

dsc_1039 dsc_1034 dsc_1021 dsc_1020 dsc_1019 dsc_1018 dsc_1028

Ushered into the back behind the secured curtains and… daaaaaaaaamn! Smoke machines and ice sculptures! What!!?? A quick, passionate and comprehensive info session with Converse’s Creative Director, Bryan Cioffi and we are given the nod to flood into the testing section. Presentation number two is purple-lit, cold, and semi-chaotic, but don’t get me wrong, everything is on purpose. Imagine finding dedicated footwear set atop ice podiums, standing amongst what looks to be fluffy snow. To that side, a box on the floor with was commonly referred to as the slush test. You put on your new pair of Converse boots and trekked your way through some man-made, cold snow and slush. Crazy!

dsc_1042 dsc_1046 dsc_1059 dsc_1057 dsc_1070 dsc_1072 dsc_1088 dsc_1076 dsc_1091 dsc_1094

You want to talk tech? Let’s do it… The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot sports a premium, mesh-backed waterproof leather. Converse’s first waterproof sneaker boot crafted to help keep feet warm and dry in harsh winter conditions while maintaining the classic Chuck Taylor look and feel. A waterproof bootie construction with a neoprene collar and heel pull are included to help keep water completely out of the boot while a 360-degree heat barrier helps keep feet warm. The boot also features a rugged, post-applied weatherized gum outsole with deep grooves for better traction and a Nike Lunarlon foot bed for enhanced cushioning.

Taking a few steps back from the mirror, I realize that the weather is not a sneakerhead only issue. Making sure the whole fam is adaptably dressed, comfortable, and protected now falls under the easy column of things. Converse is hitting the nail on the head with the perfect balance of want and need. Fashion and function live harmonious on the new Converse chuck Taylor All Star II Boot from the Counter Climate collection.

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Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

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