New Balance 009 Black/White


It’s a realization that might surprise you or possibly fall under the Hmmm, weird category. The ability to identify the exact shape of a shoe box, and in some cases even determine the size of the shoes in the box. All because you’ve spent waaay too much time staring at all the boxes in your shoes closet. So when that ever so unexpected shipping box appears on the porch, your level of excitement and intrigue takes an instant leap and promises of pure joy start flooding your starry eyes.

This time around, I was the lucky recipient of a package marked with the discernible New Balance Canada logo. My first delivery from NB working in conjunction with Foot Locker Canada. I rushed inside and sought out one of my trustee box cutters and stategized an appropriate vid for the Stories of our crew’s two Instagram accounts, @TheBragAffair and @TheSneakerPodcast . Slice and pop of the box lid and slam, out fell a black box with toned out, glossy writing. 009 adorned the top piece, the NB logo made another appearance and a hashtag, #nbnumbers, for the current campaign figured alongside it. A split-second, imaginary drumroll plays quick in my mind as I uncover the surprise sneaker arrival, aaaaaaand… BOOM! Whoa! New Balance! You done did good!


New Balance Lifestyle. A celebration of heritage, craftsmanship & reinvention.

This is the New Balance 009 in Black/white and White/Black colorway. The color blocking on this piece is just on point. The front piece made of white premium, texture leather, the black piece in a mix of smooth leather and black neoprene that leads into theshort inner sockliner. Then, SMACK! The hit you with that gum sole! That gum sole! A very apropos and hot feature to any shoe model for this season. Finally, it’s the details. little cupped eylets in contrasting color to the leather front provides acertain meanest to the whole look. A very nod-worthy addition. Aestetics aside, the shoe is on the lighter side of weight, not the lightest, but with a slight depth to it to signal the use of high quality materials. The use of the aformentioned neoprene short bootie pretty much garantees an easy foot entry and wrap around the top portion. Within the first hour of wear, I noticed no discomfort along the ridges onf my wide foot. The lightly slanted, thick midsole provided adequate cushioning for a few bounces while we set up for some photos for this review.

All in all, the first impressions from The Sneaker Podcast crew confirmed my first reactions to this offering. It would be a welcome and desired addition to any self respecting sneaker enthusiast, and definitely an eye-catcher of a new re-injection for a brand that’s used to turning out classic iterations with a bang appeal.

The New Balance 009 (Black/White and White/Black) will be available at Foot Locker Canada on 11/1. #nbnumbers #NBUnite

Thank you, New Balance Canada and Foot Locker Canada! Wooo!

fullsizerender5 unnamed3 unnamed2 unnamed unnamed1fullsizerender3


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