PUMA Thunder Spectra

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Aligning with current trends within dad shoe styles, the PUMA Thunder Spectra is also able to distiguish itself by tapping into the silhouette of long time favorite the PUMA x McQueen. Recognizable aspects like the midsole shape and exciting color blocking allow the Thunder Spectra to assert a definitive hold in the bulky shoe arena.
The deliberate use of mesh and nubuck in certain spots help bring together the vibrant colors chosen to represent this first salvo in the chunky sneaker market.

I’ve been anticipating this one since early 2018, and with a reasonable price point, the PUMA Thunder Spectra should dominate sneaker rotations in a major way.

Look for the PUMA Thunder Spectra this Saturday, February 28 in limited numbers at Livestock, NRML, Exclucity, J2 Sneakerbox, Off The Hook, and PUMA Select at Footaction.

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