Kicks Convo January ’15


The idea was to get a bunch of sneaker guys in a room and present them with specific topics and see where the conversation would go. We were hoping to spark a discussion about the state of the culture today and possibly note down the riveting assessments shared by the invitees.
The very first thought I had about this grouping was that it might not work. People might not show up, but in the end, we gathered a good number of people that were up to sharing their thoughts.
Initially, we tried to get a group of runner centric enthusiasts, but scheduling issues presented us with a more varied list of participants. We all knew each other in some way or another through various interactions in local Facebook groups, but the particularities of having people meet up face-to-face made for some casual, open, unfiltered opinions and insights about the love and hate circumstances of the world we call sneakers. When you are live, talking to another person, the internet flex goes away and it seems easier for one guy to find common ground with another guy.
Here are some of the topics that were part of the exchanges that day. We won’t go into too much detail, because we’re hoping to keep your ideas fresh and unaffected. Some of you who are able should make it through to join us for the next Kicks Convo hosted by TheBragAffair.
Read down the subjects of the matter and enjoy the flicks provided by CidTheKicks.

What does it mean to be an OG?
Do you feel the need to educate others around you?
Camping in Canada.
Adapting to the new game of sneaker hunting.
Which store had the best look?
How much does staff interaction matter when deciding on where to shop?














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