Cross Dressing

Cross Dressinh

Cross Dressing is when you take different sneaker brands and mix them into one outfit. A notorious example is the adidas Tiro pant worn with any and every kind of Jordan known to humans. This act, in my opinion, is totally wrong.

When you are wearing a specific sneaker you are representing a certain brand, a certain logo, a team of sorts. If you choose to wear one sneaker brand with another it’s like a conflict within the outfit. One rival team against the next. Would you wear a Raptors Jersey with a Brooklyn Nets Hat? Probably not. So why wear a pair of adidas Tiro pants with a pair of Jordan?

There is an abundance of other alternatives to attain that same look without having to Cross Dress. If you are looking for a fitted sweat pant or track pant to wear with your Jordan’s/Nike’s or any brand, look into stores that carry plain sweats. Pants that do not have have any sort of crazy branding are usually pretty affordable and look great with any sneaker. You also have the choice or going for brands like Publish, AllDay, and Zanerobe.

The next time you feel like wearing three stripes with a swoosh/jumpman, think twice before walking out the door. Remind yourself that what you wear shows others what you are about, which team you rep. When looking for a certain fit of pants, look for alternatives that can go with any sneaker brand. It is the opinion of this sneaker enthusiast that Cross Dressing should be avoided at all cost and sneaker brands should be worn with their own.



One thought on “Cross Dressing

  1. I catch myself doing that a bit, but it doesn’t bother me, my rationale is that the trio pants are extremely comfortable and I wear whatever is comfortable, I guess everyone’s got their own opinion on this but this is mine

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