UPDATE: adidas 750 Yeezy Boost Canadian Launch Guide

Since All Star Game weekend, the buzz around the adidas 750 Yeezy Boost has been inciting. The initial launch being a New York exclusive, the multiple on feet shots by Kanye and his entourage, and the periodic, trickling bits of information being dropped makes all this Yeezy info in me want to boil over, bubble and unleash into a primal yell! *Pardon me I’m getting my scream on*

With the barrage of info coming right at us, we wanted to provide you with a bit of direction in our fellow Canadians’ Yeezy endeavors.
Here is what we know for now…
I want a pair of adidas 750 Yeezy Boost.

Canadian MSRP is $454.99.

Canadian release date is February 28.

Only adidas Consortium accounts will be getting the Yeezy. For the moment, we have a few shops confirmed. We will be updating the store release list as more info comes to light. Here is the rundown…

*UPDATE*: as of February 24, launch details for all four Canadian shops carrying the adidas 750 Yeezy Boost have been updated. NRML (Ottawa), OFF THE HOOK (Montreal), HAVEN (Edmonton), and LIVESTOCK (Toronto and/or Vancouver area) are on the list for Canada.

photo 1 (2)
photo 2 (2)

-5$ raffle tickets for an opportunity to purchase
-No limit on the amount of tickets purchased
-Only one pair can be won per entrant
-Tickets are available IN-STORE ONLY
-Draw closes February 27 at 9pm
-Winners will be contacted Saturday Morning

All proceeds from raffle will be donated to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

photo 1 (3)

-Online entry raffle for an opportunity to purchase
-Follow their Instagram
-One entry per person
-After online form is completed, confirm your entry through the email you will receive

Here is the link for the entry form:
Livestock adidas 750 Yeezy Boost Raffle Entry Form



Off The Hook

-11 pairs available
-Sizes 6-13, no half sizes
-110 raffle tickets available IN STORE as of 11am Wednesday February 25
-Raffle ticket is a chance for the opportunity to purchase
-One ticket per customer
-Random draw
-A winning ticket allows you to purchase the shoe in person on Saturday February 28


photo 1 (4)

-IN-STORE Edmonton Only
-Raffle system
-Apply in person at Haven Edmonton
-Or by email at info@havenshop.ca (include full name and phone number)
-Draw will be February 28 11AM at Haven Edmonton
-Winners must be present (Feb 28 11AM) to claim their pair for purchase

Stay with us as we hope to provide you with a proper game plan for one of the most anticipated releases of the year.


And for those who want to add a little mean to their adi-style, Mr. West has a confirmed an upcoming release of the black adidas 750 Yeezy boost. Check the 1:48 mark of his interview. Haaaaaaaaan!


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