The Meaning of a Sock

photo 5 My involvement with sneakers has asked me to demand change from myself. 

There was a time when only basketball sneakers lined the floor of my closet. So consumed was I with this non-marking-sole mode that I didn’t really allow for other types of footwear in my life. 

It was at that point, I knew I had to change my game.

I was too comfortable in the basketball world. I was afraid the comfort would eventually lead to getting stuck in a rut, passionless about sneakers.

I went away from the comfort of knowing what I was buying and challenged myself to find beauty in what I normally wouldn’t appreciate.

When the Nike Sock Dart was announced for Canada, I saw an opportunity to further my sneaker evolution. Finding meaning in the silhouette, the materials, the color scheme, and the mid foot strap on my own. I was free to believe this shoe didn’t have a specific purpose aside from being a stylistic representation of my desire to stand out in a crowd.

The Nike Sock Dart Photo Blue makes its second appearance in Canada on Thursday, February 26 at HAVEN


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