A Must Sneaker Experience: C’mon Feet

Cmon Feet - Final Logo - IG jpg

Several months ago, I was made aware of a project called C’mon Feet. Centered around but not solely limited to all that might support, surround and affect sneaker culture in Montreal, the idea was a set of interviews with people with different perspectives presented in a write-up/podcast/photo session format.
An ambitious collaboration between We Are The Medium and Off THe Hook boutique, C’mon Feet‘s creator , curator, and author, Habib Siam, explains his vision with a few passionate lines:

The series’ title is a take on a Madlib track by the same name. Inspired by Melvin Van Peebles’ “Come on Feet Do Your Thing,” the song is about the journeys we take, the things we see, and the life lessons we learn. In this series, I treat sneakers as the embodiment of our walks through life and engage people from all walks of life.

C’mon Feet‘s first episode launched April 27 and you can be enthralled HERE.

Habib made sure to ask that we mention the meaningful people without whom his enterprise could not have happened with such purpose:

Tron – Photographer
Tracy Siam – Artwork
Nancy Siam – Translation
Sandhill – Theme music

Special thank you to:
Yassin Alsalman (We Are The Medium)
Harry Drakopoulos, Angelo Destounis, Graeme Anthony, Marc Richardson (OFF THE HOOK)

Websites to note
We Are The Medium
All podcasts available on We Are The Medium Soundcloud
All write ups (including embedded player) on the offthehook.ca BLOG

This series will definitely enrich your sneaker life, so stay tuned every Monday at 11am for the next 11-12 weeks as C’mon Feet releases a new piece in their progression.

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