FATJOE for 5

Fat Joe is one of the biggest and most respected names in the HipHop world. He also has one of the biggest and most respected sneaker collections in the world, so when the Terror Squad Entertainment CEO made his way through Calgary, he had to make his way to Lexington Ave Culture Spot. I had to do the same to try and chop it up with the chart topping DITC OG.


Fat Joe.

As I drove up the ave on my way to the Culture Spot, you could hear the music pumping from Lexington’s doorway from a block away. Once I pulled up, you could feel the chill vibe Joe had put on the YYC streets.

  Fat Joe and Lexington Ave employee Matt.

I was greeted at the top of the stairs by the Lexington Ave crew, sharing daps with the team before they introduced me to the guest of honour, Fat Joe. He was hanging with the shop owner Lex, fam and fans holding their autographed albums in hand. With the DJ spinning top notch HipHop sounds, surrounded by sneakers, Mr. Cartagena was in his element and was showing nothing but love to the cats that came out to show him the same thing.

Fat Joe signs an album for a fan.

After shaking The Don’s hand I mentioned TheBragAffair 5for5 feature and asked if he would be down to give me a few minutes of his time to be part of it. Without delay he took his cell from his ear and said “Let’s do this, get them to turn down the music and let’s step outside”. The crowd in the shop followed as we took to the steps and I opened the Voice Memo app on my iPhone not to miss a word, and the rest is below, FATJOE for 5 let’s go!



Miami by way of Bronx, New York USA

1. Number 1 in your stock list?

Everybody knows it’s a Air Force One, low top, it’s called Linen, it’s beige and pink, don’t ask me why, maybe ‘cuz I live in Miami but that’s my favorite sneaker.

2. Number 1 on your wanted list?
There’s always something I need, matter fact I’m about to go raid this spot (Lexington Ave) to get them navy blue (Jordan) 5’s with teal that just came out, (Joe turns to Lex) I’m ’bout to go raid his spot right now, you know there’s always something, you can’t keep up, they coming out with sneakers every week. 
3. Describe your style in 5 words or less?
My sneakers? I’m a sneakerhead … “I love alotta color”.
4. Describe the sneaker scene in 5 words or less?
5. Favourite (Canadian) sneaker shop?
You know I’m at The Ave, the Lexington Ave, we heard they were the best out here so we came to vibe with the fans, they be treating me nice, whenever I’m in Calgary I’m at Lexington Ave baby! Believe that!!

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