MSTRPLN® x Air Max 95 DNA

Since our first feature with designer, MSTRPLN®, we’ve kept up with his art of works and have occasionally messaged here and there about TheBragAffair’s direction and visuals. Stefan has also blessed the Brag Family with an alternate logo design, that we are currently featuring on our social medias. Being in contact with a world class designer also privies us to sneak peaks into a world of concepts that most would not even think to dream of. Luckily for us and all of you, we have a set of MSTRPLN®‘s latest pieces that are in line with our latest celebration of one of the most iconic Nike Air Max iterations, the Nike Air Max 95.

Be sure to take in all of MSTRPLN®‘s conceptions at and check out Mr. Stefan Dukaczewski’s latest master plan including a short intro by the man himself… (The levels achieved here are immeasurable! Dayum.)

An exploration into appropriating the DNA of the iconic Air Max 95 onto other footwear silhouettes to see what could be possible.





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