Golde Streetwear – Lights Out

My first experience with Golde, a local streetwear brand out of Alberta, was a chance Facebook encounter in the form of a link featuring a piece from their Lights Out Collection. A 3M, polka-dotted windbreaker that encouraged one to stand out and conquer in a world of flash and momentary glamour. There was no doubt that the offerings from the Lights Out Collection should find their way into every current sneakerhead’s closet because everyone needs more 3M in their life.

Golde’s latest designs set you up for the hottest Summer yet with a combo shorts, tank and hat in tonal black and an outstanding monochromatic descript jumble of words and graphics. For those looking for that look that can be paired with any sneaker brand, check their last collection for S/S ’15. The quality and vision represented in this arrangement from Golde gives you that wardrobe punch everyone calls for when that summer sun sets and it’s time to roll with that understated flex.

Check some photos from their Lookbook S/S ’15 and see their whole collection HERE

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