For Your Consideration: mi adidas Pure Boost

More. That’s all you want when you find that model that meets all the criteria for a banging staple to represent your collection. The injection of BOOST within adidas‘ line of runners has given the style hunters and comfort seekers something meaningful to talk about. If you are like me and have a penchant for a classy, sleek look with an ability to wow on the ground, then you’ve probably looked twice at the adidas Pure BOOST. It is in my opinion, the one that turned the key to start this engine of domination that is the BOOST takeover.
Luckily for us, adidas has added the Pure Boost to mi adidas. We are now able to customise the adidas Pure BOOST to distinguish the base color, tongue and heel, stripes and laces. There is even an option to add different Base Prints such as Illuminated Camo, Illuminated Vibrations, Triax Skin and Radiant Dots. As a final touch, you are also able to personalize your creation with different logos for the tongue, lace jewels and text to be added to your insoles. If the options are too many and you just can’t make up your mind, you can always go super clean and white out a pair. So very, very clean!

Check out the great options on this now customizable stunner right HERE





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