New Balance 574 Woods Pack


We are Canadian. No one has to tell us how proud we should be and yet, we sometimes find ourselves wondering how we can be overlooked in our world of sneakers. We take it in stride though, because as rumor has it, we are too kind and often too polite. It could be that we have it that good in the Great White North, or maybe, every now and again, a sneaker brand commits to illuminate our prominence in all things free-spirited and meaningful.

New Balance Canada furthers:
The new 574 Woods Pack from New Balance is available only in Canada within North America. To celebrate this monumental event and special pack of shoes, we had to go big. Real big. We decided to give a pair to everyone in Canada. But in this case, it was the tiny, rural community of Canada, Kansas.

Hah! Nice one!

Limited to 1000 pairs, the New Balance 574 Woods Pack is making its way to select New Balance stockists.




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