Hometown Streetwear Spotlight : 6streets

 When I first had the idea for this feature I wrote it as a one time feature on 3 brands from my hometown of Calgary; Legal Hustle Clothing, 6streets and another for which I need not mention. Three brands with 3 different styles and outlooks on the streetwear scene, showcasing what I like to call the evolution of streetwear.

After numerous twists, turns, delays and flakes the BragAF squad decided we would make it a reoccurring cross country feature on the styles found in the streets of the cities were all from.

Today we’re back in Calgary in a sort of  Nas ‘The Lost Tapes’ release as we get to cookin with Andy Nguyen and 6streets from our initial interview and has been marinating in the kitchen.

6Streets is an example of the evolution, the new age streetwear stylings, pocket tees, 5 panels, and fits that can go from the streets to Casual Fridays, but the streetwear feel is still prominent as shown by the Japanese inspired baseball jersey and camp print cap in this collection.

6streets is a modern touch on a classic capsule, one of the new branches the tree of streetwear has created.

Peep the interview and look book used courtesy of @MATTFRENCH and @THEROYALDIVISION below and don’t forget to check the Online Shop,and stay in touch with what’s new via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  My first question is as always; where does your brand name come from and is there a meaning behind it? 

6streets symbolizes my roots, where I grew up, and the people who are involved in shaping me into the individual I am today.

My parents raised me in downtown Calgary where we lived in a small cozy apartment along 6th street and 13th avenue. It was important that the brand name was authentic and spoke to individuality.

 What’s the impression you want to leave with people seeing your brand for the first time?

Our goal since the beginning is to evoke people’s emotions and stir up discussion when people experience our brand. We want to leave people with the impression that they can integrate our design and apparel with their personal style in any way.

What are your biggest inspirations when designing a collection? 

When designing I look to travel and history for inspiration. The beautiful thing about travel is that every city has it’s own scene, and every individual carries their own style. It’s really dope to see different perspectives on streetwear.

 Many streetwear brands have stories of a couple friends, a basement or garage, a silk screen or sewing machine and a dream, has it been a struggle to get your company off the ground? What keeps you from giving up? 

It’s definitely not easy, but building a creative business and a fashion brand is truly my passion- that’s what keeps me going. I’ve always said that passion is my alarm clock. That mindset and thought alone is what helps me persevere through the tough times. I want to be able to share my experiences and inspire others to succeed too. However I’m an advocate of leading by example, so I need to build myself first in order to serve others later. When your greatest joy speaks to somebody’s greatest need… great things begin to happen.

  Collaborations between brands and designers have always been apart of fashion, but now it seems more than ever in streetwear, have you done any collabs in the past? Do you have any planned for the future you can give us any info on?
Collaboration is crucial for both young brands and even businesses that have been around for awhile. It’s been a game changer for us here at 6streets and we make a point to collaborate with businesses that aren’t fashion related as well. We’ve done collaborations with Beach Season, Monogram Coffee, and currently one with The Royal Division. Expect to see 6streets collaborations with Shiki Menya and Cru Juice in the near future. [Editors Note: Due to the delay in publishing the Shiki Menya collab has dropped and is pictured below.]


Canada has been building a steady streetwear/menswear resumé but most brands find their home along the East Coast, and Vancouver, with Calgary’s growth over the past few years do you think our time to shine is on the horizon?
It’s been more evident than ever that Calgary is on the horizon for streetwear. However It’s important for brands and businesses to work together to build a community instead of directly competing against each other. For 6streets personally, we want make a positive impact on Calgary, so when the city does fall on the map, we’ll be seen as pioneers in Calgary’s streetwear scene.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know before we sign off?
Challenge the status quo and do what makes you happy instead of what others expect you to do or what is most convenient/comfortable. Sure making money is important, but it shouldn’t be your purpose. Money should be the means to help you achieve your purpose, and not the purpose itself.

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