Supreme x Air Jordan V “White” Review


I write this while our American friends cheer, panic and wait in line during the NDC release, but unless you have an American address our time as Canadians has come and gone for the Supreme V’s, that is for all of us without deep pockets to pay for resale.
I was one of the lucky ones to get my credit card info entered before my white pair was jacked out of my cart, that is after the camo pair I tried for first disappeared. After tallying up the Canadian surcharge, shipping, and the exchange rate that seemed as if I was using Pesos instead of Loonies, $358 CAD is what it cost to get them to my door, but that’s the price you pay for the fire of fire right? The hype of hype, the molten lava that is a Supreme x Air Jordan collab.

Assuming the leather quality was the same as V’s from before (it was) the first thing I looked for was excess and crappy glue marks Jordan Brand has often given us, but I couldn’t find any, the Glue-Gang Quality Control was on their game with this release, or at least on my pair. The stitches connecting each panel of the smooth white leather is on-point as well, no loose strings or wobbly lines.


Getting into the details that stand alone from other 5’s; I gotta say my favourite is the Supreme branded lace locks, I would probably buy them separately if they found their way onto the accessories page with the rest of the random Supreme goodies. A 94 replaces the 23 on the side of the heel, and the box logo running parallel to the Air Jordan tag inside the tongue was another touch I liked, as well as the the co-branded insole and hang tag. I don’t love the ‘Sup’ branding on the side panel, personally I would’ve liked a full ‘Sup’ and ’eme’ on alternate sides a lot more, but hey I’m just some dude and it is what it is.

My least favourite addition was the box logo on the translucent sole, located underneath the Jumpman it is hardly readable, a larger size may have helped the matter.

All in all I’m not a huge fan, but I know to any Supreme and/or Jordan collector this is what dreams are made of, a post I saw from Facebook showcasing the pair a young lad copped read “the best day of my life” so I believe it’s safe to say this release lands in the Grail Status zone.



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