Nike Goes Online in Canada

IMG_8571It has been a conversation so old that we’ve practically stopped lamenting about it. The joys and freedom our American counterparts have been able to celebrate by the grace of Swoosh have always made our access a little bit of a sore spot. It was only a few years ago that we saw a glimmer of light as started accepting Canadian methods of payments. American relatives gracious enough to allow packages full of sneakers to be stored in their homes till our next visit across the border became our connects and our favorites cousins.
In a few days, all of this will change.
The time has come for us to sign up for that faster internet and to make sure the mouse clicker’s response time is up to speed. You can now sign up to receive information about Nike Canada Online launch news. Those signed up to a spot might be privy to some early access? Some advance notice? Who knows?
Hit the link below, register an account and get ready… Here comes Canada!

Register to find out Nike Canada Online news HERE

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