TheBragAffair’s Top 15 for 2015

Just. Under. The. Wire.
So hectic are these last few days that I hardly even noticed it was almost time to tear off the last page of this calendar and get ready to pin up the new one that we’ll be using for the next 12 months. The holidays have been so busy that it seems like an eternity since the Brag Fam started to put together our Top 15 for 2015 list, but we got it done. Included in this exercise are the bros from Canada Got Sole and so we ended up with 10 guys ranking their top 25 shoes out of a list of over 200 possible choices. Every assigned rank translated to a number of points and eventually a score would be attributed to any shoe picked from the list. The one criteria we had was that the shoe had to have released in Canada.
You’ll probably notice the influence of the guys from the Tdot area, or you might get a feel for the Air Max fans within our crew. The ever lasting importance of the Jordan 1 and the weight of Mr. West on the scales of power in sneaker culture are also reflected in our picks; but enough about me telling you what you might gleam from our list, it is time to ring in the new and give thanks to an awesome year of influence and cultivation…

One last note before we go on with the rankings, 2015 was a great year for the Brag Fam and the Brag Affiliates and we’d be remiss not to mention some great accomplishments and milestones. Mr. Christian Cantelon joined the Much Creators because of his hard work with his Youtube channel Sneaker Talk! Look for this gunner to pop up everywhere on the medias taking over the sneaker world. Mr. Jim Duggin headed a group for Canadian Streetwear and then set up an event, YEG Show to spotlight the Canadian Streetwear scene and help entrepreneurs connect and grow. The Canada Got Sole crew set up a partnership with Soles4Souls, an organization committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing. Mr. CidTheKicks took the next big step in life and became a father to champion of a boy, the new chapter is in full effect! TheBragAffair is truly honored and blessed to have the opportunity to associate with such positive creatives. Thank you for the great moments, Family!

Now on to the Top 15 for 2015.

What a time…

IMG_8367-0ronnie-fieg-new-balance-001air-jordan-1-high-cyber-monday-black-white-2 555088-101-jordan-1-retro-og-chicago-2-1010x673 a-first-look-at-the-nike-free-flyknit-mercurial-sp-dark-grey-0 IMG_9924 IMG_9923 FullSizeRender(1)FullSizeRender IMG_0609 air-max-1-toronto-the-6-2IMG_9358 adiads-ultra-boost-white-black-soles IMG_3657

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