Brag Shots 5.8.2016

Brag Shots is new daily recount of how some instagram shots have come to be. The planning or lack of planning for shots we or you have deemed worthy of a feature for the world to see. Tell us how you envisioned your shot and we’ll share the methods to our madness; a madness best understood and a point of view most appreciated by a fellow sneaker lover.

It was raining that morning, so it was too wet for me to leave my camera on the ground. There are only so many angles you can pull while shooting from POV, so I thought of adding some depth by walking along a ledge near one of the buildings around my work. The ledge was high enough where I wouldn’t jump off, but low enough where I wouldn’t die from a fall. It would hurt, but I’d be alive! I’ve always thought that it would be the most epic of eye rolls from the wifey if I ever hurt myself while taking a shoe photo. I could just imagine the shame and WTF-ness on her face because her nerd of a husband wanted to be IG famous!…
You see how much I am risking here? Ha ha ha!

~If you have a shot you want to tell us about, get in contact with us for a quick feature!~

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