Brag Shots 5.10.2016

 Brag Shots is new daily recount of how some instagram shots have come to be. The planning or lack of planning for shots we or you have deemed worthy of a feature for the world to see. Tell us how you envisioned your shot and we’ll share the methods to our madness; a madness best understood and a point of view most appreciated by a fellow sneaker lover.

I knew I wasn’t going anywhere with a dramatic back drop when I chose my footwear for the day, I also knew I wanted to showcase the fact that I was lacing up the adidas and Palace pro boost collab, and BOOM, a shot of the tongue branding while I laced them! This is by no means my first lace up shot, but I actually think it is my first tongue pull haha. Sometimes you don’t need more than the shoes you’re wearing to get the shot you want.

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