Brag Shots 5.20.2016

As daily photos go, I wasn’t  real happy with this shot, but it looked good enough on my camera screen when I took it and the background seemed to have elements that I wanted to capture at the time of set up. It comes back to the subject of not posting every shot I take and hoarding photos versus posting everything that gets taken. I’m sure to some this pic is fine and the point of all this isn’t to compare to others standards of IG quality.

This is more a reflection of how I should never be satisfied with my levels of skill. From using my iPhone only to graduating to a dslr, to speaking to my dudes when a 10 minute meet-up turns into a straight hour of talking about how much more we need to learn because we still aren’t maximizing and understanding our current gear.

There is so much room to grow, and it’s getting tougher and tougher for me not to get excited about developing new ideas and abilities… The revolution is about to be televised!
Here’s a shot I WAS happy with!


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