#ConverseModern : The Pre

One line in one email changed my perspective: “Global Press Event” Then, the kicker: “Are you interested?” A question seeming as rhetorical as it seemed requiring a prompt answer promised to open doors as long as I was ready to brace myself and attempt to jump the biggest gap in my social media/blogging life. Converse entrusted me with the task of bringing information to our readers before most anyone, everyone across the world! On June 6 (today), TheBrag along with a delegation of bloggers, reporters, and youtubers are to attend a special announcement. Converse is set to make a big splash and we were invited to jump in the wake of this overwhelming wave and bring the world along for the ride.
A small flashback to yesterday, June 5, when I caught the flight from Montreal. I have to say it wasn’t until the plane actually took off that it all hit me. Flying into New York city, the biggest hubs for fashion and sneakers, and I was tasked with sharing my point of view of a huge global announcement by one of the staple brands. My engine started revving and I don’t think it has stopped for a second even as we are one hour away from all the festivities happening this 6th day of the 6th month of 2016.
Stick with us as we get ready to take the world by storm with our generous and exciting host Converse. They mentioned something in the ways of EPIC and my experience so far reflects this sentiment to the fullest!

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