May 20th 2016 marked the doors opening to a new menswear boutique in Edmonton by the name of ANNMS. Stationed at #200, 10355, 82nd Ave on the second floor of a historical building on Whyte ave, the busiest fashion/shopping district in Edmonton it is very accessible but the second floor gives a secret spot feel. 

From the logo design to the interior design and display, it is as minimal as possible, hidden doors for both office and fitting room; in the reception area you will only find a iPad and a credit card machine; with more than 90% of people using cards for shopping nowadays and keeping with the minimal theme you won’t even find a cash drawer, they are also the first clothing store in Edmonton that officially supports Apple Pay. ANNMS believes minimalism simplifies the shopping experience and allows customers to focus on their products. 

This concept store carries mid to high end streetwear with minimal graphics and premium quality, labels such as YEG’s own Addiction, LA based brand Daniel Patrick, California brand Chapter, Japanese handmade socks CHUP, Norse Project from Denmark and Purlicue from China.

If you are in the E-Town area or plan on passing through make sure you hit up ANNMS and stay connected via and follow their Instagram


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