The Sneaker Podcast


The realization hit me while I was riding in the back of an Escalade in New York city. I was in town to cover the launch of the Converse Modern, and here I was, just happy to have been included in the whole proceedings. As calming scenery of the river rolled by, I found myself flanked by two up-and-coming youtubers, each with over 20-25 thousand subs, just filming, recording the perfect moments post-event, our jobs done. Actually, mine was the only one that was finished, as I had published my write-ups and attached all my photos. My new friends were still in the midst of building their works. With their cameras as their hip, they were able to capture the realism and actuality of the instant in a way that my write-ups and photos hoped to  ever relay. I found it inspiring that these two youtubers made me feel jealous. I wanted to do more with sharing my point of view, I wanted to find more mediums to convey my opinion.

A random text message with a picture attached was the second begining. Mike D and I had spoken about a podcast a long while back, it was probably during our second conversation after we had first met. His latest pickup and desire to share his pride over a dope pickup relit the stage where we would put on our first pod. a couple of like-minded people added to the set and we yanked the curtain open…

We talk life, lifstyle, music and all things sneakers. We will have guests, stories, lessons learned and laughs… So sit back, turn it up and let’s GO:

Here are your podcast participants:
Mike D
and myself Chris

shout-out to the my two YouTubin bros, Christian from and Tom from Heat Ledger Kicks

DSC_1239DSC_1473DSC_1592 DSC_1491


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