The Sneaker Podcast – Episode 2 : The Whole Crew Combines Powers


Team. The concept of team has never been more prevalent in my life as some of us from the Brag crew are venturing out into the world of podcasting. On the one part, everyone in the core Brag team has been extremely supportive and excited about what’s down the road. I think the culture we’ve fostered within the Brag team is that everyone eats! If one of us wins, we all win. If one of us falters, we’ll all extend a hand to pull them back up. On the second part, everyone in The Sneaker Podcast crew is ultra essential. Everyone’s energy gets us hyped for each session, our collective unease about tackling a new project keeps us grounded, and our individual skills and expertise provides dimensions to the conversation. I’m reminded of something my good buddy, Oscar once said, “Get yourself a team. A good fucking team where everyone has something special to contribute.”

More than ever, surrounding myself with people who will bring their own ideas to the table for one common goal has never been more crucial. You see, I’m an interesting guy, but add in the man with the radio voice and experience with broadcasting, add in the brand beast with the one of a kind perspective, add in the veteran aficionado that’s been to the mountain top and is now challenging his next summit and we, WE will be victorious. If you’re wondering what TEAM has to do with sneakers, then you’re doing it wrong. When it comes to the sneaker game and competing for releases, good teams will always have a winning record. An extra carting finger, an extra body in line in front of the store, extra eyes on the media feeds to gain intel… Everything counts and therefore, everyone counts. And with that, here is Episode 2 of The Sneaker Podcast, where the WHOLE CREW is in the house to discuss randomness and everything important about the sneaker world this week:

The Sneaker Podcast – Episode 2 : The Whole Crew

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Once again, here are your podcast participants:
Mike D
and myself Chris


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