The Sneaker Podcast – Episode 3 : The Plug

FullSizeRender(6)Cui bono? To whose benefit is the game of plugging someone? The obvious answer is the one receiving a helping hand in acquiring shoes, so what advantage does the one plugging get in return? Getting to know several people in the sneaker industry has given me a particular insight to how things work behind the closed doors within a store or brand setting. I am privy to particular information that pieced together gives me a look into how some choices are effective or dated. Just let that marinate…

Now, let’s talk about how one might get access to a plug. We’ve discussed what qualifies as a plug in our latest episode of The Sneaker Podcast, the answer is divided up in levels, go ahead and listen and let us know if you agree. Methods to acquire a plug are quite easy and rather obvious: you must posses a trait or skill that no one else, or very other few have, and then you have to show that you are willing to use that skill to benefit the people who can plug. Easy, no? If you can’t think of a skill that you already posses, then you need to develop a talent. Figuring out what to do is the first part, the simplest part of the work is to have the idea. The execution of the idea is most of and the toughest part of the work. Most anyone can come up with an idea, but very few will put in the work to turn an idea into reality, probably because the work is the toughest and hardest part of the equation to conceive. Weirdly, i think this is all I’m going to say about this subject. Planting the seeds and widening the horizon for your view should be a good beginning for your journey, taking the next step and connecting the rest of the dots is up to you.

For other interesting points about the plug, and a little bit of NMD talk be sure to check out our latest episode on The Sneaker Podcast:

The Sneaker Podcast – Episode 3 : The Plug

Once again, here are your podcast participants:
Mike D
and myself Chris

Be sure to drop a comment if you agree with the levels described and whether this little write-up has helped you figure out your next step.

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