The Sneaker Podcast – Episode 4 : Values

020318Nike Air Max Effectivity. You’ve probably never heard of them or even seen a pair in your sneakerhead lifetime. It is by all measures a very regular basketball shoe, with nothing stand-outish about them. They are, however, the sneakers one of my favorite Duke Blue Devils player wore on the cover of ESPN magazine’s NCAA March Madness issue following the year Duke took the ‘chip against Arizona. That cover and those players prompted me to find two pairs of those ball sneakers and I tore one pair up on the hardwood. I played my bestest basketball ever in those sneakers, or that’s how I remember it. Whether I actually did is a discussion for another time, what’s really important is how much those sneakeres mean to me. In 2016, there is no way I would ever find another pair of those sneakers. I doubt Nike would ever retro a sneaker so ordinary that its name doesn’t even sound like a real word… Effectivity? So how much are these shoes worth? They probably have no value in sneaker markets, and I agree. There is no value that you can attribute to a shoe that means so much to me. For all intents and purposes, I would not be able to decribe how much these shoes mean to me. How does one attribute a monetary value to a memory and an experience?

In episode 4 of The Sneaker Podcast, we discuss the value of sneakers and the values of doing right by the sneaker community. We also get a look at a rare Nike Air Max courtesy of Clo for our regular What Are Those? segment and a quick unboxing of the Solar red Uncaged adidas Ultra Boost!

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Episode 4 : Values

Once again, here are your podcast participants:
Mike D
and myself Chris

Be sure to drop a comment to let us know how you gauge the value of a shoe and tune in next week for episode 5!

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