The Sneaker Podcast – Episode 5 : Influence featuring HEAT LEDGER KICKS


About a month ago, in New York City, surrounded by representatives from the biggest sneaker blogs, I felt overmatched. Here were the biggest publications from all over the world, big time YouTubers, industry magnates and me, at my first big dance not quite sure whether my moves are off beat or not. At a certain point of my self judgment, I decided it was enough of looking at myself and started to pay attention to the people around me. In actuality, an opportunity of the highest order was presented to me. I was able to observe how everyone else operated at these events. Essentially, I got a behind the scenes look at how these pros went about creating their business. A definite plus in two ways, where on the first part, I got access to their tricks of the trade, and on the second part, seeing all these monsters do their thang and dominating the internets gave me the desire to do more and not be satisfied with just being kinda good. the effect was immediate and even before leaving NYC, I was plotting on how to expand my universe and own being of worth. An evolution had begun and the decision to execute rather than percolate was made. An idea will stay an idea until you make it a reality… and that’s how, in part, The Sneaker Podcast came to be.

Please join us on the airwaves as we welcome a very special guest, Thomas aka HEAT LEDGER for Episode 5 of the podcast!

The sneaker Podcast – Episode 5 : Influence

Once again, here are your podcast participants:
Mike D

Huge thanks to HEAT LEDGER for taking the time to rap with us! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe like a mofo!

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IMG_2057shout-out to Christian from Sneaker Talk YouTube for the fire photo

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