I Hated Air Jordan 1s

A lot can happen within three years. At least I think it has been three years. You ever been able to pinpoint exact moments in your life because of a specific sneaker release? My initiation to Instagram can be tracked back to 2012, All Star Weekend. The Galaxy pack KD, LeBron, Kobe, along with the Galaxy Foams is the time period when I started to get into Instagram and posting on feet pics. Every brand and a variety of models, all except one of the most popular standards in sneaker lore, the Air Jordan 1.

The night I asked myself if there was something more to this Jordan 1 business, I was disagreeing with two buddies about the likeability of the AJ1 in the parking lot of a club. They kept saying the shoe just keeps getting better as you wear it. At the time, I just couldn’t see it. I come from a basketball background and all my likes and dislikes were determined first by the shoes playability on court. Jordans were the furthest I had ever ventured into the style over substance realm and the Jordan 1 just seemed too boxy, straight lined, and basically uncomfortable. Never doubt the power of wanting to belong. That was the first crack in my armored stance against the boot like silhouetted Jordan. If you know  a guy knows what he’s talking about and his passion for a shoe runs so deep, I have to give it another consideration.

The evening I gave in to the peer pressure of an overwhelming argument that the Jordan 1 is the best shoe ever, I was having supper with the family. I eventually noticed the screen of my phone lighting up due to a series of unexpected Instagram notifications. I hadn’t posted any photos that day, so I assumed one of my pics had been reposted on a feature account.Then it dawned on me… I had entered an Instagram contest to win a pair of Jordan 1 Bred from the boutique, Courtside Sneakers. An epic turn of events in my sneaker world in the form of glorious victory. From the moment I gathered myself long enough to thank Courtside, to the now, I have been unapologetically a fan.

It was that simple. Words from someone I trust, free shoes.

The strength of reverent history and my recent focus on improving my style, the Jordan 1 Bred quickly rose within my rotation ranks. Super hypebeast mode, engaged! In moments of sheer regret i think back at all the opportunities I had to bolster my 1 collection. There was the time i scored two pairs of Royals and proceeded to ship them out to some friends for retail. There was the handful of Shadow 1s that I assisted on when the shoe sat for the first few days after release. and finally a trade that I passed along to a buddy where all that it took was a Jordan fear 4 to land a DS Bred 1. With the re-release of the Banned 1s coming up and the news of the Black Toe  making a comeback, I’m asking myself whether I need subject myself to more drama or would I consider it an attempt at redemption… The pain runs deep and the burn definitely scars… Dammit.


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