#WeekOfGreatness Foot Locker Tour In NYC

The thing about sleeping while I’m away from home is it happens in short bursts. The sleep is always deep but I shutter open my eyes quick and never really feel like I need more sleep. The WEEK OF GREATNESS celebration by Foot Locker the night before  might have been the reason I woke so sharply, or maybe the semi hectic day we had planned for Day 2 of our NYC jaunt.The plan for the day was to pack, shoot at the Kaws x Nike Stanton Courts, head out to Foot Locker Head Office in Manhattan, tour the different storefronts on 34th St, then head to the airport to catch our flights back home. Easy work for the restless, but first and always, coffee! Thomas (HeatLedger) and I meet up in the lobby and step out to find some morning java. Swing back to the hotel and Charlie (DonCharleone) greets us and we all walk on down to the Kaws court. This design is straight beautiful. Basketball and art melded into one. My only regret is I had no room in my luggage to pack some gear and a ball to break out for some shots, it was a bit early anyways. We leave the court once we figure we’ve done enough work, and all agree that a drone shot would have been the best! HA!

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Next stop is quick cab ride away and we’re right in the thick of the NYC grind. So much activity on 34th St. After security checks, we head upstairs and let me tell you, I didn’t quite know what to expect. It is after all, an office, BUT it’s Foot Locker Head Office! Antoine shows us the different departments and different floors. The mock storefront set ups to give them an idea of how the displays would look (not pictured) and the layout of the office to allow everyone working there to meet, share, and view ideas. It is an office. but the inclusion of all the different departments like legal, real estate, marketing, just made a huge bulb light up in my head. All the work. All these people. When you walk into a Foot Locker and pickup your next hottest release… All the hard work and all the people behind that one purchase, that one pair of shoes is just incredible. I want to work with Foot Locker! haha!

fullsizerender5 fullsizerender4 fullsizerender7 fullsizerender9 fullsizerender8 fullsizerender10 fullsizerender11

After Head Office, we headed down to visit all the stores with Kyle. Footaction, Flight 23, Fly Zone, Kids Foot Locker, and the HUGE Foot Locker on 34th! It is a sight to behold. Up the escalators and you find yourself in what is like the lobby of the store. Different displays and brands take hold of this area that basically acts as the hub. Then certain brands have their own separate section in the form of House Of Hoops, Converse Prime, PUMA LAB, Six 02, the Collection, Legends Club, and Foundation by adidas! It’s like a mini mall with different brand boutiques in one glorious location. We also go to sneak peek into NYC33, a studio space where Foot Locker holds events with artists to work and promote. A place where creativity seems to burdgeon. A quick shopping experience later, where Foot assisted on me picking up a pair of Nike Flyknit Racer Blue Tint (woot), and we are off to the airport.

fullsizerender12 fullsizerender13 fullsizerender14 fullsizerender15 fullsizerender16 fullsizerender18 fullsizerender21 fullsizerender17 fullsizerender19 fullsizerender20

A huge thanks to Foot Locker Canada for inviting me out to NYC for the WEEK OF GREATNESS celebration!
Be sure to hit up your local Foot Locker and online for all the WEEK OF GREATNESS goodness!

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