New Balance 247 Sport

With the mention of all-day, every day wear in its press info, you can’t help but wonder how much part tech and how much part style that was dedicated to the build of the New Balance 247 Sport. The next in the lineup under the 247 heading for New Balance showed up at my doorstep on snowy afternoon. Being one always on the lookout for footwear that would serve me on my routine stunts across the city. The right amount of style to make it a head turner in the streets and the right amount of tech to make me feel ninja enough that I can actually run the same streets like I’m on a mission


Let’s break it down, the construct offers neoprene bootie collar, this one is snug enough to keep you secure, but allows enough give that it doesn’t strangle your ankle or cause any issues when you slip your foot in the shoe. Navigating down to the upper, a reflective N logo rests atop a reflective collar strap, a performance feature lent from the running world. Finishing off with an engineered mesh upper and toe piece, the 247 Sport nods heavily towards the athletic side of the spectrum, but differs from the Luxe models only in purposeful materials.

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The beauty of this build is that the performance inclusions never take away from the look and style of the shoe. Set in a sleek, sharp upper shape that gives the 247 a low profile, look for the first series from New Balance 247 Sport pack to come in orange, olive, black, and triple black for $130 on February 4. Get ready for #Lifein247

unnamed1112 unnamed1111 unnamed1116 fullsizerender1

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