adidas EQT Launch Event by adidas Originals Montreal

It was an evening full of anticipation, but being anxious was far from my mind. The hour at which the night’s festivities were to start must have had a hand in keeping me calm. 9:30pm is an unusual time to gather for a sneaker event, but it did give the sense that we had all the time in the world to make our way to adidas Originals Store in downtown Montreal. A familiar spot for me and the crew, but tonight, the attendance seemed a bit more significant. In two other Canadian cities, the same invitation was sent out to have influencers, friends of the store, and enthusiasts of the brand come together to experience the launch of adidas’ new EQT Collection. Just as Europe had celebrated the Three Stripes’ new endeavor a few days prior, this local sneaker function had a worldly vibe to it, immense in importance, and yet still very inclusive in its demeanor.


Greeted by security and a guest list check at the door, I half-thought they might not let me in because my attention was drawn to the music engulfed space at the center of the shop and my answers to the their questions had to be repeated. Into the breach we went, camera at the ready, my plan was to get in, snap a few photos to best capture the ambiance of the occasion, then take a moment to breathe a bit with all the sneaker people from my city. The lights were dimmed, but the strobes and spots action kept everyone moving. To the left we had the drinks station, servers circulating with trays stocked with mini-foods to facilitate the mingling process, the DJ booth set at the back where DJ Sun was tearing up the tracks and interrupting conversations as the guests had to pause to acknowledge his command of our rhythm, and finally, at the centre of it all, the adidas EQT Collection oozing pure splendor.


Tonal panels, wrapped around knitted sheaths, animated by hits of turbo red… And three stripes, reining it all in, keeping the shoe sleek and efficient. The tag line playing on the old tube tv set up next to the shoe display read Everything that is essential Nothing that is not. In a moment of serenity, the music muffled and the crowd slowed, this was the moment, where the brand took a stand and said Now is when we begin our year, and this is the vehicle we choose to alter the course.


You could see it on everyone’s face. The excitement of being involved and the gratitude of having a chance to evolve their appreciation of sneakers. This was not an entirely new, not an entirely old project presented by adidas Originals store, but an elegant remix of a staple design, ushered forth by a semi-surreal event, where everything became clear at midnight. At the changing of the hour, the official launch date rung in and the faithful were allowed to make a purchase of one of the new pairs from the adidas EQT Collection. The anticipation was finally gratified.

Thank you adidas Originals store for the invitation and thanks to the staff for the hard work and heartfelt, welcoming accommodation!

Be sure to stop by your adidas Originals store to check out the new adidas EQT Collection available now.

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One thought on “adidas EQT Launch Event by adidas Originals Montreal

  1. Had a great time at the event. Everything was on point, including the awesome catering.

    Good job Adidas Originals Mtl crew!


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