Forever Chuck


Undoubtedly a concept of time, but every so often, the term carriers with it a wealth and an endless well of moments and meaning. Converse more than most brands echoes such a timelessness, and I realized it while working on a piece for Converse about their new spot. First question in the brief interview was AGE: to which I left a blank answer. It was an instinctive move, I rarely accord much importance to age within the scope of sneakers. I might find myself chatting with a young blood in high school about the latest numbers on a recent release, and with an old head the next minute about the materials chosen for a re-issue at the end of the month. I glanced back at the age question, still unanswered and wondered what the purpose of that bit of information. Did Converse want to provide proof to the influence of their silhouette, their logo, their rubber tracks throughout time? The effect of their staple sneaker spanning years of relevance in technology and fashion as a symbol. No other sneaker is as iconic.

In their latest film, Converse delivers what they call their pinnacle piece to the story of Chuck. The individuals in the piece represent Converse’s brand values throughout different genres. Most notably for me, a young actress that plays a character that breaks barriers and fights for the freedom for our inner child during a world set in the past that seems new again.

Chuck is 100-years old, and still brand new.

View the 120 second spot here for yourself:

“The Chuck Taylor has been a cultural icon with a rich history and even more incredible future,” said Julien Cahn, Chief Marketing Officer at Converse. “Through the debut of our Forever Chuck film, we will have officially introduced our collective of exciting people, who share our brand values and are driving the spirit of youth culture forward.”

Forever Chuck Cast (in alphabetical order):
Olly Alexander
Keith Ape
Millie Bobby Brown
Jordan Clarkson
Gucci Gang
Winnie Harlow
Lukas Ionesco
Last Night in Paris
Salem Mitchell
Sean Pablo
Marissa Seraphin
Yara Shahidi
Rejjie Snow
Vince Staples
Maisie Williams

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